Yoga when you are sick


So just like clockwork after the Holidays I got my annual cold. I guess it all of the garbage and running around during the holiday season that just makes my body say “woah slow down.”

The worst of my cold was yesterday with the stuffy nose and the chills and fever. Today I am feeling a lot better but i had that aching feeling in my back and the sinus pressure left over from the nasty-ness still being stuck. I wanted to get up and move around (plus my boyfriend told me I needed to get off the couch today 🙂 ) so I looked for a yoga class to boost your immune system and work on the muscles in my back.

Last week I sent a tweet to Elsie Escobar (her like is on the side) asking her for postures that were good for sinus pressure since I could feel my cold starting then. She sent me a link to her level 2-3 class for keeping yourself centered when left gets a little crazy.

Now I am no where near to a level three for inversions (which is what most of this class was about) but I was able to modify it for e with some down dogs, headstands and handstand preps. I also had to do this since I was a little tippy still from the pressure in my head.

I actually feel a lot better now and I wanted to shar this link again with you so that you could have a short Yoga class to boost your immune system and help you feel better when life throws you a curve ball.

Episode 87 from Elsie’s Yoga Kula

If anyone else has any other suggestions for kicking a cold please let me know!

Have a great day!



About quarter life crisis

I am a 20something trying to find her way in the world. I have been living and working in Philadelphia for the past three years after my parents moved away and I graduated school. Time is up for this place and I will be starting a brand new life and adventure in a small town in VA as I go through a quarter life crisis. I will be attending pharmacy school full time and trying to find myself in the process. Up until now I have been a worrier and a nervous nelly. That needs to stop its- getting in the way of living. So follow me through this very vulnerable time and ill show you what life if is like for the modern 20something female. Cheers to new adventures!

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