Hiking in the winter in Nevada


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One thing I absolutely love about coming to Las Vegas is getting outside and hiking at Red Rock Canyon. Its been so beautiful here (about 65 degrees in January!!) I made my boyfriend come off the golf course for a day and come hiking with me! Here are some pictures from one of the trails we went on. We made our own trail at the end which was fun and found some pretty pictures.

Also a fantastic workout climbing over rocks and through tricky trails! šŸ™‚ A great way to get out doors and work on those connections with the world around you!


About quarter life crisis

I am a 20something trying to find her way in the world. I have been living and working in Philadelphia for the past three years after my parents moved away and I graduated school. Time is up for this place and I will be starting a brand new life and adventure in a small town in VA as I go through a quarter life crisis. I will be attending pharmacy school full time and trying to find myself in the process. Up until now I have been a worrier and a nervous nelly. That needs to stop its- getting in the way of living. So follow me through this very vulnerable time and ill show you what life if is like for the modern 20something female. Cheers to new adventures!

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