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Merry Christmas


It’s starting to quiet down here; all the packages are opened, Christmas breakfast is cleaned up and people are starting to play with their new toys and goodies. I, as you can tell, am cuddled up on the couch with my computer (and my new typing gloves with heaters in them).

There is still wrapping paper everywhere and it’s still electric with energy from the excitement of the morning. There are tons of kids running around outside with new bikes, guns (after all this is North Carolina), dirt bikes, etc.

I am sitting here and just absorbing all of the energy and excitement around me and it is almost peaceful to sit here and relax in all the commotion.

I’m not sure what exactly happened in the past month or so but being able to stop and just relax and take in the world around me instead of moving from one thing to another at lightning speed is an amazing feeling. I am going to blame that all on starting yoga. It slows down your body and mind and makes you take in the energy and beauty around you.

This is a feeling and ideal I am planning on taking into the new year with me as a way of life.

So as you and your family sit down to dinner and give thanks for everything that happened this year and each other, take a moment to absorb everything around you and your presence in the chaos and love of the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.